Can I actually use my Cairngorm Fly to fish?

Yes! Whilst they are primarily tied as souvenirs, and most people keep their Cairngorm Fly displayed rather than using it to go fishing, they can and do catch fish too.

What materials do Cairngorm Flies use?

All Cairngorm Flies are tied on size 6 barbless curved shank hooks with polyester thread, and use varied local materials, including mountain hare fur dubbing, hair from red, roe and reindeer plus highland cattle hair.

Are the materials obtained ethically?

Yes. All reindeer hair is collected in spring when they moult their old winter coat literally in handfuls – did you know they have upwards of 2,000 hairs per square inch of coat? Ptarmigan feathers are found on the high plateau after being naturally moulted by wild birds. The roe deer hair and tiny amount of mountain hare fur dubbing is from animals who have unfortunately fallen victim on our roads. Every one of these animals lives a natural existence in the beautiful Cairngorm mountains and no animal is killed in order to make flies.

Can you make me a special fly using fur from my dog/horse/chinchilla?

Yes! Check out our bespoke flies – all I need from you is a small bit of fur/feather from your pet and your preference of hook size/thread colour, and I can tie a unique fly just for you. I can usually work to a fast turnaround, so these are a great unusual gift idea too. I can work with most materials, though depending on what is used I can’t guarantee how well it would work to actually catch you a fish!

I’d like to stock Cairngorm Flies in my shop.

Great! Drop me an email and I’ll send you info about trade prices.