Would you like a unique set of flies tied using materials special to you? I can tie your own personalised flies using fur, feather or similar materials supplied by you – perfect to immortalise a favourite pet, or as a memento from a memorable day. Fantastic and unusual idea for family gifts or as a team souvenir.


I usually tie on size 6 barbless hooks but have a wide range of sizes in stock, along with a variety of colours of thread, so let me know if you have a preference, otherwise I will select colours which complement the materials provided. Flies can be sent loose or mounted on individual personalised display cards specifying the materials used.



No order is too small, but I do offer discounts for producing more than one fly using your materials:

Quantity ordered
(of same design)
Price per fly
1 bespoke fly £15
2 flies £14
3+ flies £13
5+ flies £12
10+ flies £10
25+ flies £9
50+ flies £8

Email me with your ideas and I’ll get back to you asap, or fill in the form below.


I can also work on a larger scale to produce bespoke flies for companies, using materials local to you, to give your customers a truly unique souvenir from your area. This has been a popular option with local businesses in Speyside. Drop me an email for a personalised quote.