profileI’ve lived and worked in the Highlands since 2010, and feel privileged to be in this beautiful and iconic area.

I work with reindeer and visitors would frequently comment on how good their hollow hairs would be for fishing flies. I decided to give it a go, and everything expanded from there. My desire to use local materials led to me developing a range of souvenir flies, all tied by hand in Speyside.


There are now five varieties available:

  • The Original souvenir fly, with Reindeer hair, Red Grouse feather and Mountain hair fur;
  • The Crofter’s fly, (or the Ginger Coo fly!), with Highland cattle hair and wool from Scottish sheep;
  • The Winter fly, with Reindeer Hair, Ptarmigan feather and Mountain hare fur;
  • The Stalker’s fly, with Roe deer hair, Red Grouse feather and Mountain hare fur;
  • The Sporting fly, with Red deer hair, Red Grouse feather and Mountain hare fur.

A request from a friend led to me taking on commissions, tying flies to order using fur or feathers from pets to create a unique and special memento to keep forever.